Olive meets Tatu and Loulis

Written by Sandra Casti

Olive is one brave cat. When we lived in NYC, she rode the subways, trains, and buses with me from time to time and never meowed. She even seemed to enjoy the cross country drive we took on our way to Ellensburg earlier this summer! She is one travelin’ kitty. Since Olive is always up for adventure, I wanted to introduce her to Loulis and Tatu for some interspecies enrichment. I brought her in last week for a short visit.

Tatu and Loulis immediately came over to the observation window to greet and inspect their guest…


Loulis has such a sweet and gentle face…

DSCF0056Getting a closer look…

DSCF0044It was such a treat to see Tatu and Loulis’ faces so interested and full of excitement!

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1 Response to Olive meets Tatu and Loulis

  1. Traveling kitty got a treat and made new friends. Lovely!!!

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