Chimpanzee Chess!

Written by Sandra Casti


I learned how to play chess earlier this year, and have grown to really appreciate the strategic complexities of the game. As I created chess pieces out of cardboard in preparation for today’s advanced enrichment day, I began to imagine how a game would unfold between Tatu and Loulis…

Here is Loulis, contemplating his next move.


Tatu approaches the board without hesitation. She is a chimpanzee chess master!


Grad student Susie discusses chess strategy while Loulis takes a break from the game to enjoy a frozen peach ice cube!


Hmmm…maybe looking at the board from another angle will help Loulis…


Tatu enjoys some grapes while she waits for Loulis to make his next move. Chess is quite a brain workout!


Who do you think will win??

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3 Responses to Chimpanzee Chess!

  1. nfmgirl says:

    There are no losers in Chimpanzee Chess!

  2. Lynn Jenkinson says:

    Just wondering…do any of you get to actually be with the chimps without having glass or fencing between you? Thank you so much for all you do for the chimps.

    • CHCI Staff says:

      Lynn, we never go in with the chimpanzees. There are two main reasons for this. One, they are incredibly strong and can hurt us even in play. We are very fragile so we make lousy playmates. If they can’t play like normal chimpanzees with us, then we certainly wouldn’t be a good match in an argument. Two, at CHCI we take the chimpanzees on their terms, which means we put them first. They are adult chimpanzees and need adult chimpanzee companionship. We do what we can to provide social interaction but humans are not a good substitute for a good ole chimp grooming session. We are looking forward to Tatu and Loulis finding new chimip friends and family at Fauna Foundation.

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