New Enrichment!

By Shannon Wallin

The chimpanzee’s have an iPad!  Audrey Schwartz Rivers, long time supporter and friend of the chimpanzees, bought and sent them their very own iPad.   She also sent an iTunes gift card and bought a chimp proof case!  The chimpanzees are lucky to have such a generous friend!

Tatu and Loulis have been enjoying the iPad.  We downloaded a bunch of apps including ones that feature art, music , ASL and food.  Their favorite thing to do, however, is to look at pictures or watch videos.  With the iPad we can take videos and pictures of friends doing fun activities and show it to them.  It will also be great tool for helping to prepare Tatu and Loulis for the move as we can show them video of Fauna Foundation and the chimpanzees there.

Thank you so much Audrey for your generous donation and your years of support!


Brea shows Tatu the ipad.


Tatu tests it out.


Loulis gives it a try.







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One Response to New Enrichment!

  1. I’m just so happy to hear about this. Tatu and Loulis deserve this so very much! My at home non-human family members have all found fun and learning opportunities with our computer (enrichment I concocted lol after many years of training that included an apprenticeship right there with Loulis and Tatu!) The way Tatu enjoys magazines, I can only imagine how she’ll sparkle with an iPad. I wish you all a whole lot of fun xo!

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