The Dark Knight is Nuts!

Written by Kate Bridal

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is a special enhanced enrichment day for the chimpanzees: Superhero Day!  I love superheroes (I’m not necessarily proud of this, but I saw The Avengers nine times in the theater) and I was sad I wouldn’t be here for Superhero Day.  I figured the best course of action was to dress up like Batgirl and run around with the chimpanzees for a little while.  It was rainy today, so I thought we could all use a little unusual entertainment.

I donned a cape, mask, and the black bodysuit, then posed with the amazing Batman Erika Price had constructed in the student room.  Then I went in to see the chimpanzees.  Tatu signed BLACK GIMME first.  When I told her I couldn’t give her any part of my costume, she signed NUT several times.  I told her I’d ask if she could have some when I was done playing with Loulis.  Loulis tickled my boot a lot and got a huge play face as we played some chase.  I then went to the kitchen to fulfill my heroic task (before I left the room, Tatu was sure to remind me what I was doing by signing NUT some more) and brought some nuts to Tatu and Loulis.  Tatu seemed satisfied.  All in a day’s work!  Now I must return to being mild-mannered Kate Bridal until the chimpanzees are in need of a hero again.


Batgirl and Batman


Loulis checking out Batgirl




Tatu requests nuts.


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