It’s Baby Bird Season!

Written by Shannon Wallin

At CHCI, compassion encompasses more then just the chimpanzees. Springtime brings the baby birds, and unfortunately, a lot of ‘lost’ baby birds. One rainy day last week we found this tiny baby quail in the chimpanzee’s garden. It was alone, wet, and cold. We brought it in to warm it up and let it dry off. We wrapped it up in a fleece scarf on top of a warm sock filled with rice.

Because we knew the best shot it had for survival was to find its family, we found a place near where we found it and where there is often a quail family, and left it on top of the heat sock hidden in the bushes. A few hours later I went back up to replace the heat sock with a new one and it was gone. Although we will never know what happened to it, we are all hoping it was reunited with its family.


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