Happy 20th Anniversary!

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute. Providing Washoe’s chimpanzee family with sanctuary and care has drawn a diverse multitude of volunteers and visitors to Ellensburg over the years. We are proud to have served Washoe’s family and contributed to her legacy by educating and inspiring so many human primates to advocate on behalf of non-humans around the world.

I cannot imagine my life without the influence of all the amazing people I have had the privilege to know because of CHCI, chimpanzee and human alike. I am truly fortunate. Please join us today as we celebrate!

The Future Site of CHCI


Construction in progress in 1992

CHCI Building

CHCI Building

CHCI Today

Shannon (on the right) and me (on the left) at CHCI


About Lisa Anne

Lisa is the part-time chimpanzee caregiver at CHCI. She graduated in 2008 from CWU with a Bachelor of Science in Primate Behavior and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Lisa brings a variety of skills and experience from her life prior to CWU, including jobs in real estate, consumer credit counseling, and at Amazon.com. She is also trained as a doula and an elementary school teacher and participates as a skater on her local roller derby league.
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