Dinner at Chez Chimpanze’

Written by Lisa Wilding

Sundays are rather quiet at CHCI, so I try to think of something extra special for the chimpanzees on those days.  This particular Sunday, we set up a little dining room in one of their nighttime rooms, complete with table and chairs, long, flowing fabric coming down from the ceiling like pillars, cinnamon bread with apple slices, and almond milk with frozen raspberries.

Welcome to Chez Chimpanze'

Welcome to Chez Chimpanze’

Singe Cuisine at Chez Chimpanze'

Singe Cuisine at Chez Chimpanze’

Loulis and Tatu watched the whole set-up process from the East room and were waiting in line for me to open the door.  When I invited them in, all I saw was a huge pile of sheets coming toward me carried by two black feet.  Tatu was bringing in all her sheets with her.  Loulis quickly followed.

Lou checks out the table

Lou checks out the table

Food grunts and squeaks occurred throughout the dinner as they enjoyed a gourmet dining experience!

Tatu takes a seat

Tatu enjoying a relaxing dinner

Yes, Tatu is sitting on one of the chairs.

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One Response to Dinner at Chez Chimpanze’

  1. Lynn Jenkinson says:

    Awesome! You are all so great at creating enrichment for them!

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