Walla Walla Day

Written by Nichole Slack

I was washing produce in the CHCI kitchen one day back in November when I came across some onions. I grew up in Walla Walla, Washington, and we are known for our sweet onions, so onions tend to make me think of home. I thought that I would bring a little bit of my home to the chimps’ home by throwing a “Walla Walla Day!” They had Walla Walla-themed food puzzles (like onion-shaped piñatas), ate onions, drank grape juice (Walla Walla has a lot of wineries, so grape juice seemed like a good alternative), and the East room was filled with cardboard murals of local businesses and landmarks! Tatu seemed to especially enjoy the fake wine bottles with raisins inside!

Dar (in the back) and Tatu check out the goodies.

Dar (in the back) and Tatu check out the goodies.

What's inside, Tatu?

What’s inside, Tatu?

Dar contemplates his plan of attack...

Dar contemplates his plan of attack…

This will work just fine.

This will work just fine.

Tatu definitely enjoyed the "wine bottle" with raisins.

Tatu definitely enjoyed the “wine bottle” with raisins.

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2 Responses to Walla Walla Day

  1. This is so cool! I also grew up in Walla Walla as well, and am a current Ellensburg resident and employee of the University. It is really awesome to see the creativity that goes into caring for the chimps in general, and even better to see something unique like this. I loved the poster with the Marcus Whitman Hotel, and the grape juice (wine probably would have had some negative results… :)) Anyway, thank you for posting this!!

  2. Raquel says:

    I too am born and raised here in walla walla. Its so awsome that our little town is getting out there. Just last summer when I was on vacation someone asked were I was from, after telling them their first responce is ” Oh were the Onions come from”. Its fun sharing with others our town including the cute chimps.

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