Slumber Party with Chimpanzees

Written by: Kaeley Sullins

Not many people get to say they had a slumber party with chimpanzees, but I get to! On Friday November 30th Loulis decided that he’d rather spend the night in the tunnel looking out at the stars than coming in for the night. As the on-call person it was my duty to stay at CHCI as long as Loulis wanted to stay out.

I borrowed some pajamas from Tatu and Loulis and grabbed some magazines and camped out in the night enclosure area. Tatu and I looked through the magazines and talked about all the yummy looking foods inside. After a while, Tatu and I decided to call it a night. I set up a cot in the night enclosure area near the Christmas tree and next to the spot, which I would say Tatu calls her bedroom. Tatu gave me the strangest looks as I set up the noisy cot with cozy blankets (which the chimpanzees were kind enough to loan me) and some pillows. I brought a pillow in for Tatu as well in case she needed something to rest her head on. I was about to lay down when Tatu asked me to groom with her and of course I said yes. I grabbed a brush and we sat in together with the glow from the SWEET TREE lighting up our grooming session. Loulis was crashed out in the tunnel at the far end of the night enclosure area and I swear I could hear him snoring.

I am lucky that I got to spend the night with two amazing chimpanzees. It’s not everyday that I get to spend quality one-on-one time with them with no one else around. It is something I will never forget.

Here is a picture of my cozy cot.

Here is a picture of my cozy cot.

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