Art Installation

Today, in the interest of variety (and because Tatu was napping), instead of rowdy games of chase I tried to find something else to entertain Loulis.  Amanda and I brought out paint, brushes, and tissue paper to offer as an arty afternoon activity. Rather than art on the paper, Loulis opted for a more interactive approach. I gave him the paint brush but my wrist became the canvas. I think it turned out nicely, what do you think?





About Lisa Anne

Lisa is the part-time chimpanzee caregiver at CHCI. She graduated in 2008 from CWU with a Bachelor of Science in Primate Behavior and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Lisa brings a variety of skills and experience from her life prior to CWU, including jobs in real estate, consumer credit counseling, and at She is also trained as a doula and an elementary school teacher and participates as a skater on her local roller derby league.
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One Response to Art Installation

  1. Denise Larsen says:

    It’s awesome.

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