We are lucky to live in this community. Each year hundreds of apples, pears, peaches, plums… any of the dozens of fruits that grow in our neighbor’s backyards are donated to CHCI. This year Dr. Lillquist invited all of the Resource Management students (myself included) to a cider pressing at his home. Apples have been on the menu at CHCI for the past month or so (much to the chimpanzees’ delight). We have made applesauce, apple pie, apple fruit leather, baked apples, dried apples, frozen apples, apple smoothie pops, apple muffins and of course, fresh whole apples. I even made apple cider in the crock pot. It was warm and delicious, however, it was missing that special something that you get with a cup of freshly pressed cider. Thanks to Dr. Lillquist, Tatu, Dar, and Loulis have a freezer full of cider to last them all winter long. I think they agree with me pressed cider is the best.

Putting the apples into the cider press

The cider waiting to be poured into jugs.

Me straining cider and pouring it into containers.

Tatu tasting the cider for the first time. After she was finished with her turn she signed MORE DRINK APPLE HURRY! (signing HURRY with both hands for emphasis).

Dar really enjoyed the cider. He also requested MORE DRINK after the cup was empty.

Loulis stayed outside for dinner this night. He tried some cider the next day and also enjoyed it. Thanks again to everyone who donated apples to the sanctuary!

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