Written by Shannon Wallin

On Thanksgiving my family stopped by and I took my daughters, Adelaide, 3, and Linnea, 7 months, into the observation area to say “hi” to the chimpanzees through the glass.  I cherish these times when my two worlds come together and unite.  Both met the chimpanzees for the first time at 2 weeks old, although then they slept through their visits.  Now they watch and interact.  Adelaide asks questions and signs with them.  In fact, she has learned several signs from them including CHASE from Loulis and CHEESE from Tatu.  On this particular day I am grateful, because Dar chose to come over and greet Linnea.  He tickled her feet and gently stared into her eyes.  She loved every minute.

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One Response to Family

  1. Julie Zager says:

    I am so touched seeing these pictures and reading your post. What a gift and incredible opportunity for you and your family. Thank you for sharing these precious pictures of love and discovery.

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