Lunch Special – Salad Bar Thursday

Written by Bonnie Hendrickson

Usually the chimpanzees are served a bean soup for lunch with all the veggies cooked in it.  Today we served Pea Puree and a salad bar of yummy fresh vegetables – carrots, red onions (a favorite), sugar snap peas, yams, peppers, lettuce and fresh baked yucca.

Everyone was very excited when I brought out the tray and plates, showing approval with happy food grunts.

And it was picnic-outside-day in the beautiful Fall sunshine.  Each chimpanzee chose a different spot to sit and enjoy a relaxing lunch.

Loulis took his plate up to the terraces.



Dar found a nice spot in the sun…

…and ate at a leisurely pace.

Tatu opted for an indoor ambience, where the lighting was too low for a good photo but perfect for quiet dining.

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4 Responses to Lunch Special – Salad Bar Thursday

  1. Celina from Brazik says:

    it warms my heart to see them having such a pleasureable moment……….. especially Dar, who always looks so sweet, pensive and also so fragile. Loved him at first sight on my 2 weeks volunteering there. I’m glad and grateful that you guys take such good care of those 3. If only many others chimps…. well, what’s possible is possible, right?

  2. My goodness but your posts generate so many questions :-). These little insights into their behaviors are great.

  3. Nitor says:

    Are you taking the pictures, Bonnie?

    • CHCI Staff says:

      Yes, I did my best considering the distance and I was serving lunch too. Rozsika takes the best photos – if they are in focus and beautiful, like the Loulis photo, then you can be pretty sure Rozsika took them.

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