Black Rice

Written by Bonnie Hendrickson

Rice is a favorite dinner staple and black is, of course, Tatu’s favorite color.  So when I saw Black Rice in the store I just had to get it.

Real rice that is really black – very healthy stuff!

I showed it to everyone that morning after breakfast. Tatu was fascinated by the beautiful black kernels.  Staring wide-eyed, she signed very slowly BLACK BLACK over and over again.

Later that afternoon I brought out the rice cooker, water and measuring cups so they could watch the process of preparing rice.  Whenever possible I like to include the chimpanzees in the everyday activities of their lives.

Loulis watched from a short distance.  Tatu, having seen the process before, surreptitiously glanced over her shoulder.  While I can’t say for sure, I got the impression that she didn’t want to forget herself like she did earlier in the day and appear uncool or too eager.  Dar found the process interesting.

Dar watches as rice is prepped for cooking.

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2 Responses to Black Rice

  1. Hey Bonnie – where in the world do you find black rice? Is it the same texture, consistency and such as white rice? And first time I’ve heard that chimps enjoy rice. Go figure.

    • CHCI Staff says:

      Found it at a popular “discount warehouse store”, but since then I’ve noticed it in other stores. It’s a little chewier than brown rice but about the same taste. I like it a lot. Tatu, Dar and Loulis liked it but still plain white rice is their favorite.

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