Seven Deadly Sins

Written by: Eden Keener, 2012 summer apprentice

During my apprenticeship at CHCI, I was able to do an advanced enrichment day for Tatu, Loulis and Dar. My roommate Beth and I were trying to come up with the best theme for my enrichment day and we finally decided on the Seven Deadly Sins. I made signs for all of the seven deadly sins, envelopes with their pictures on them with a couple cheerios or raisins in them for a forage and bought a bunch of new enrichment items such as masks and toys with help from my family.  On the morning of my enrichment day, we made fruit kabobs with a variety of different fruit for breakfast. We made jello cups, raspberry tea, and also brought in some willow tree branches. Tatu, Loulis, and Dar were so excited, they were hooting and food grunting when we were setting up the enrichment in the east room. After we let them into east room, they began to search for all the hidden food.

The jello cups were a BIG hit!

Dar using the flowers as a tool to get the fruit out of the raspberry tea!

After Tatu thought she found all the food, Kaeley told her about the red envelopes with the cheerios or raisins inside. Kaeley signed to Tatu “RED BOOK” and Tatu began to look through and under anything that was red. Even the Wrath sign taped to the wall! Until she finally found the envelopes. Tatu is such a smart girl!

Once Tatu, Dar, and Loulis found all the food, things started to settle down… Dar decided to make a nest with the wrath sign that was hanging off the wall!

And enjoyed the angry bird mask!

The Seven Deadly Sins enrichment day was a success!!! Definitely a day I will always remember!!

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