Australia Day

Written by: Beth Peterson, 2012 summer apprentice

As a Summer Apprentice, I was asked to come up with an enhanced enrichment theme day. Being as I am from Australia you can guess what my theme day was…. AUSTRALIA DAY!!! I spent many hours making Australian animals with crackers that we call Shapes.

Tatu climbing on the fire hose near the Australian flag.

Tatu having fun with the “outback shower” I made!

Dar sipping on some frozen sugar-free cordial! Cordial is similar to Crystal Light in liquid form.

Tatu eating the apple that was frozen in the sugar-free cordial. Note the wombat tucked under her arm!

Watching Finding Nemo.

Tatu looking through a koala bag for treats.

Dar figuring out you can just lift the lid instead of drinking from the hose!

Tatu finding Shapes in the emu’s belly! After eating some she signed CRACKER!

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