Tatu Displays Her Supervisory Skills

The best apples were on the highest branches

Tatu joined me on berm this morning while I was talking to myself about the apples on the tree in the corner.  Usually the apples in this tree aren’t very good and we have to tell her those are DIRTY, but this year a lot of them are quite nice, especially the ones high up.  She sat on the ledge near me and signed APPLE. I gave her a tiny apple from the tree. After finishing it she signed WANT WANT.  So I decided to pick apples for the chimps to enjoy later.

I got the step stool and started trying to find the best way to get up to the best apples, all the while talking to both of us about how to do it.

Tatu signing APPLE by the tree

Tatu climbed higher up to the cargo net where she could get a good view of the apples and began supervising. THERE she would sign.  When I climbed down to put the apples in the bowl she’d point me to more apples.  I signed WHERE APPLES?  Tatu signed APPLE THERE, pointing to the apples near the top of the tree.

Lots of apples for Tatu to share with Dar and Loulis

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