Lately I always seem to have my camera around my neck.  I worry sometimes that the chimpanzees are annoyed with me taking so many pictures of them.  However, they often seem interested in seeing how the pictures turned out.

Tatu signs THAT pointing at my camera asking me to show her the picture.

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2 Responses to THAT

  1. Liz says:

    out of curiosity: do they recognise themselves if you show them a picture of themselves? and if they do, do they recognise the individual (Tatu, Dar, Loulis) or if you showed them a picture of another chimp that they didn’t know, how would they react to that? thanks, and please keep writing – I love to know how the guys are getting on, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that!

    • CHCI Staff says:

      Hi Liz, the chimpanzees do recognize themselves in mirrors and photos, as well as other chimpanzees and humans. Tatu, Dar and Loulis have seen videos and photos of other chimpanzees that they do not know. I personally have not seen much of a physical reaction but they have watched intently at times. I think it is like us humans, some days we find things interesting and some days not so much. Strong reactions are usually high arousal events. Chimpanzees are generally very quiet beings. Contrary to their misrepresentation on TV, chimpanzees spend most of their day engaged in calm activities such as grooming. Thank you for supporting Tatu, Dar and Loulis!

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