It’s a Dippity-do-da Day!

The poor air quality due to the wildfires in our valley has kept the chimpanzees inside for several days now.  It’s hard being cooped up indoors during the summer.  Tatu keeps signing OUT and we have to tell her it is DIRTY OUT and SMELL BAD OUT THERE.  So we work hard to come up with ways to keep Tatu, Dar and Loulis engaged so that they don’t get bored.  Our newest enrichment project went up this morning – indoor dipwells, sort of mobile termite/treat mounds.

Shannon and Bonnie connected the pieces to the mesh.

Tatu and Dar watch Bonnie filling the dipwell tubes. Peanut butter, honey and, oh yes, Tatu’s favorite – yogurt.

Tatu and Dar hug with excitement.

Tatu is the first one out.  She brings a hose with her.

Her master plan, step one – insert hose.

Master plan, step two – efficiently deliver as much yogurt as quickly as possible.  Do not waste time dipping.

Master plan, step three – be sure to get every drop.

Loulis also found the dipwells intriguing.  He tries sucking on the straw first but discovers the principles of viscosity and peanut butter.

So he decides to use the ways of his forefathers.  Next question:  is peanut butter tastier than termites?

Oh yeah, fingers work pretty good, too.

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