The chimpanzees were having bell peppers stuffed with white rice for dinner. In addition to the stuffed peppers there was a big bowl of extra plain white rice. Dar and Loulis are both big fans of plain white rice and were both food-grunting enthusiastically. I served Dar a bowl of three stuffed peppers and he ate the rice, put the peppers back into the bowl and gave it back to me. I refilled the peppers with rice and gave the bowl back to Dar. Next, Loulis took the stuffed peppers from his own bowl and gave his empty bowl back. I filled the bowl with white rice and gave it back to Loulis. The empty bowl could clearly hold more rice than the pepper-filled bowl Dar had given me. Dar must have noticed this, as he took the stuffed peppers out of his bowl and gave it back…but then took it a step further and also gave me an empty bell pepper as a second “bowl”. I told Dar YOU SMART BOY and filled the empty bowl and the bell pepper with rice and gave them back to him. Dar carried both up into one of the tunnels and food grunted excitedly as he ate them.

Written by: Meg Mas

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2 Responses to Two-for-One!

  1. Raychel says:

    Thanks for making me smile with this cute story! 🙂

  2. Denise says:

    A wonderful story – thank you for sharing. It must be such a joy to spend time with these magnificent souls.

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