Flour and Burlap

Kaeley brought in whole wheat flour and poured it into burlap sacks…

…secured them with zip ties…

… and demonstrated the fun for the the chimpanzees!

Tatu wasn’t impressed with the heavy dusting of white all over our clothes after we hit each other with the burlap sacks. She found a better use for the flour.

She must of thought the flour was very dry because Tatu looked at Kaeley and asked for TEA.

Later in the day, dusted with white and pasty flour around her lips and on her hands, Tatu approached me. She signed DRINK with a desperate look in her eyes. I signed DRINK WHAT?! Tatu signed TEA! I asked HOT WATER? Tatu signed WATER WATER WATER! I brought her some hot water to help the flour go down a little more easily.

Tatu decided to sleep in the East playroom that night. She nested with the sack full of flour, presumably keeping it close to have as a midnight snack. 

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