The Second Best Cardboard Arcade Ever Made

I was inspired to throw this party for the chimpanzees after watching a short film about a 9 year old kid named Caine who built his own arcade out of cardboard boxes. Austin’s birthday is also today so his mother Karen generously supplied the funds for this party. Happy Birthday Austin!


We built functional arcade games out of cardboard boxes and duct tape. We incorporated food into the games to make them more interesting to the chimpanzees.


Molly remembered an arcade game from her childhood where you “toss a ball into Big Bertha’s mouth”. This is our Bertha.


Mary Lee and Loulis playing a game of chase.


Tatu found a giant leek and some poprocks in Bertha’s mouth. ImageImage

Kaeley homemade soft pretzels for the chimpanzees.


Tatu trying out her foosball skills…


Loulis and Dar looking for more snacks…


Dar found a coconut on the prize wall!


Loulis grabbed the pineapple and ate the entire thing!


Thank you Caine for you creativity and Karen for your support!

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3 Responses to The Second Best Cardboard Arcade Ever Made

  1. Amanda says:

    This looks awesome, and the chimps looked like they really enjoyed it! Great idea!

  2. karri says:

    I was with the 10th Street School that visited last week and was wondering what the arcade would look like . . . so fun to see the photos of what you all created. We had a great time, thx!

  3. J'aime says:

    Hey, why don’t real arcades ever give you a coconut for a prize? 🙂 (I guess I’d have a harder time cracking it than Dar probably did…)

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