Finding Creative Solutions

Written by Debbie Metzler

It was a chilly Spring morning, so I offered the chimpanzees some hot chai tea while they were outside. Turns out it was a little bit too hot, and they were having to take really tiny sips to avoid getting too much hot tea in their mouths. I decided to try a different approach so I slid a couple of small saucers underneath the fencing and asked the chimpanzees to hold them up so I could pour them some tea. It worked out very well, and they got to enjoy the tea in their own tea cups.

Loulis asks for more tea.

Tatu enjoys her tea.


About Debbie Metzler

Debbie began working with chimpanzees in 2005 while she earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from Central Washington University. She continued on to earn a master's degree in primate behavior, and after graduation joined the adjunct faculty in the primate behavior department. Debbie is an experienced coordinator for education, outreach, and advocacy programs. Currently she is working toward putting an end to the exploitation of non-human apes everywhere.
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