Celebrity Crush?

Written by Kate Bridal

Tatu and I were looking through a magazine outside.  I showed her various pictures and she would sign about what was in them before I looked at them to confirm.  After a bit, I turned a page and Tatu enthusiastically signed BLACK over and over again, then signed THAT pointing to the picture.  I looked at the magazine to see a full page picture of Justin Timberlake, wearing a black shirt and pants.  I figured she just liked his clothes, so I went to turn the page, but Tatu wouldn’t let me.  She would sign THAT at the previous page until I turned back, then sign BLACK repeatedly and just as enthusiastically as the first time.  When it was time for me to leave berm Tatu had gone inside, so I tore the picture out to laminate it for her.

I went back up on berm later to find Tatu signing THAT toward where the magazine was.  I brought it over and we looked through it again.  She seemed to be waiting for the picture of Justin to come back around, and I felt a little guilty knowing that it wasn’t there, but there was a picture of a male model in all black.  Tatu enjoyed this picture, but wasn’t anywhere near as enthusiastic and let me turn the page pretty quickly.  I made the laminate for her when I went back down from berm (unfortunately the machine crumpled the bottom), so that she could have Justin for a long time to come.  The next day while on berm, I also looked up some of his music videos on my phone and watched them with Tatu.  She watched pretty intently, and nearly every time she signed BLACK I would look at the screen to find a close up of his face.  J.T. has one very exceptional fan!

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2 Responses to Celebrity Crush?

  1. you should let JT know! maybe he’ll come up to visit and give a big donation!!

  2. Tessa Bridal says:

    Amazing and charming!!!!

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