Happy Birthday, Howard!

Written by Shannon Wallin

On March 19th the chimpanzees celebrated Howard Spreeman’s 91st birthday! Before the party I went to the store and shopped for some of the chimpanzees favorite treats. I bought a pineapple, pears, apples, bananas, dried figs, herbal tea, sweet onions, free range chicken breasts (a rare treat), free range chicken broth, almonds, duct tape (to help us decorate), pickles, and frozen fruit to stockpile for the future. It was really quite the haul!

Party treats

The morning of the party, instead of giving them their normal bowls of fruit, we put apples, pears, pineapple, dried figs, bananas, almonds, and yogurt covered raisins out in the East playroom for a large forage. They were so excited to go out and when they did all I heard was food grunts and squeaks. As an after breakfast treat they each had a pickle, which they all appeared to enjoy very much. We even used some of the chicken broth in their soup for lunch ( loved it!). Since we used the broth, we are saving the chicken breasts for another day and extending the celebration.

Thank you Howard for you generous party sponsorship, we hope you had a wonderful 91st birthday!

Loulis thanks you, too!

Everyone foraging in the East playroom. Dar is on the far left, Tatu is behind the shaky tree, and Loulis is on the far right.

Tatu and Loulis in the West Playroom.

Dar forages through a bag for party treats.

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