I went into the human cage to say hello to the chimpanzees and I found Debbie already interacting with Tatu. I had brought a brush with me in case anyone was interested in being groomed. Since Tatu and Debbie were already interacting I sat down next to Debbie and started brushing my own hair. After doing this for awhile I moved onto Debbie’s hair. Tatu was very interested in this silliness. Her full attention was on the two of us as I messed up Debbie’s hair and Debbie low breathy panted. Tatu found a pink brush that had been put in the enclosure with that day’s enrichment and signed GROOM YOU to Debbie. Debbie extended her hand and allowed Tatu to groom her finger tips from a distance.
Tatu watching Debbie being groomed

Tatu grooms Debbie
Tatu signing HAIR
Tatu passed the brush to Debbie and she groomed Dar…
…and Loulis
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2 Responses to GROOM YOU

  1. Sue says:

    Thank-you so much for sharing your experiences with these magnificent chimps. I can’t get enough of them.

  2. JC Ormbrek says:

    This is pretty awesome.We are all connected, and have been since before memory.

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