Rozsika Day

One of the CHCI student interns is off in the Peruvian jungle collecting data  for her masters thesis in CWU’s Resource Management program. Everyone here misses her terribly so the interns decided to have a “We Miss Rozsika Day!” The day was themed around things that Rosie likes. She is an aspiring apiculturist (bee keeper), a birth Doula, and an avid Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. We used these interests as the focus for the enrichment when putting stuff together for the chimpanzees. We even created a few enrichment puzzles that included some honey nut cheerios and honey graham bunnies. Some of the other enrichment items included baby dolls and a 3 foot tall vampire slayer! In addition there were pictures of Rosie and her favorite critters including her 4 cats and her big fluffy dog, Cami!

We miss you, Rosie!

Tatu forages for treats on Rosie day.

Rosie as a Doula

Loulis as a beekeeper?

Our own interpretation of a slayer.

Dar shows an interest in these bees.

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