Written by Kaeley Sullins

I was on berm the other day and fellow intern Molly Branyan informed me that Tatu was out but was sitting where she couldn’t be seen. So, to see if I could find Tatu I decided to check around the outdoor enclosure. I spotted her and grabbed a mask from the enrichment box that is on berm. I put on the mask and went over to interact with Tatu. I waved at her and she decided she wanted to come and visit with me. She scaled the fencing and came over and sat by the berm hut. She signed SMELL so I removed the mask and let
her smell my breath. I signed COFFEE implying that I had coffee for breakfast that day. Tatu signed LIPSTICK. I grabbed the lipstick from the enrichment box and I applied some to her lips. I chose the black lipstick and a Skittles-flavored lip gloss. Shortly after our game of lipstick began Tatu decided she was in desperate need of a grooming session. She signed GROOM and I grabbed the brush from the box and we had a long, relaxing grooming party! It was wonderful, who doesn’t want to sit in the warm sun grooming Tatu?

Soon enough, Bonnie came out to let Tatu know that it was time for lunch. Tatu got up and signed EAT to Bonnie. Bonnie responded YES EAT! Tatu then looked BACK at me and I signed CRACKER TIME, TIME EAT. She signed CRACKER? And I replied YES, CRACKER TIME. She did one more double-take at Bonnie and signed EAT to me before hurrying down the fire hose to have some lunch.

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One Response to CRACKER! EAT!

  1. She is so happy when she’s wearing lipstick! Aren’t we all, lol đŸ™‚

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