Under The Sea

Written by Carlyn Saunders

Carlyn setting up her enrichment theme in the West playroom.

Armed with a new set of ideas and some fun, creative twists, I geared up for what I knew would be an awesome enrichment for our famous friends. Sebastian, the crab, would have been proud of my appropriately named “Under the Sea” Day. I purchased some large paper to make cut outs of sea creatures. However, upon my arrival at CHCI on November 30th, I quickly changed my plans thanks to some creative thinking from Sarah Heidrich. I proceed to cut out two copies of my crab and octopus, tape them together, stuff them with shredded paper, and treats!

DSCF2887.JPGWith the help of Kaeley Sullins, we stuffed another crab and some fish with dried cranberries, dried apples, and sunflower seeds. Help continued to flood in as Jeff, Nicole, and Molly made more pictures that I could use to decorate with. With all the blue sheets and blue clothes and stuffed marine life in place, I was again eager to see the results of my work.  Success! Although I’m truly sorry for the people who had to clean up all the shredded paper…

Tatu foraging under the sea.


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