Today we celebrated Tatu’s 36th birthday in style with a black and red themed masquerade party.Yesterday Heidi Shaw (CWU/CHCI alum) dropped off a number of boxes for us to use as enrichment for the chimpanzees. We were happy to get them and used them to create food puzzles hiding birthday treats inside. The treats included all of Tatu’s favorites like soy milk, cheese, meat, and apples.

The chimpanzees were very excited as they watched us set up the East Playroom this morning for the party and breathy-pants and squeaks abounded.

When everything was ready, Tatu made a beeline for the easiest soy milk package and enjoyed that right away in the shaky-tree.
Loulis took his time about foraging but did manage to score some treats for himself. Here he is enjoying some summer sausage.
Dar enjoyed a variety of the treats as well. Here he is foraging for some apples.
Altogether a successful party and end to 2011 and most importantly some very happy chimpanzees!


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