Christmas is a-Coming…

Just like us, the chimpanzees enjoy the buildup and anticipation of Christmas. It starts the day after Thanksgiving when we put the tree up in their night enclosure area. Then we start making sweet treats (strings of dried fruit, cereal, and a few sweets) and hang them up in the night enclosure area for the chimpanzees to see. The chimpanzees’ anticipation begins with questions about CHEESE?  MEAT?  SWEET? with the answer always being WAIT FOR SANTA.  
Generous donors play a big part every year in our holiday traditions. Every year Sherri Armet sends a gingerbread house for the chimpanzees to enjoy. This tends to be one of Loulis’s favorites. For many years Shirley Kubly has sent meats and cheeses from Swiss Colony.  When these arrive we usually hear very loud and very excited pant hoots and food grunts from everyone, especially Tatu. Every year we have people who sponsor the Christmas party and donate money for us to buy the other necessary Christmas treats: cuties, pomegranates, nuts, and various other goodies. This year Vivien S. and Eric L. Webb have generously donated money toward the party. By the time the Christmas party arrives the chimpanzees are ready to celebrate!

This year’s gingerbread house! Thank you Sherri!


Shannon showing Dar the gingerbread house.


Tatu admiring the candy and frosting


`Shannon shows Dar the meat and cheese from this year’s Swiss Colony delivery. Thank you, Shirley!

DSCF2939.JPGTatu excitedly greets Loulis after seeing all the meat and cheese.

DSCF2959.JPGLoulis checks out the meat and cheese.

DSCF2965.JPGTatu is very excited about the arrival of the holiday treats!


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