Cargo Net Installation

Written by Austin Leeds

As part of the summer apprentice program, a program where students come to participate in CHCI research and learn about chimpanzee husbandry, I ran a cargo net making workshop. With the apprentices assistance I completed a new cargo net for the chimpanzees. Not only will it provide the chimpanzees with a new enrichment item, but the apprentices can also take the skill to other facilities to help enrich the lives of other captive primates.

The hanging of the net got delayed, then I went on vacation, then to be perfectly honest, I completely forgot I even made a new net. But I was luckily reminded and we set a date to hang it, then it decided to rain and rain for about a week and half straight. When we finally got an opportunity to hang it I had to conquer my fear of heights, climbing to the top of the chimpanzee’s outdoor wooden platform to hang it. It was well worth the mini panic attack.

Austin and Jacob carrying the new cargo net into the enclosure
Austin insisted I take this picture to prove how brave he was…


Getting a little bit more comfortable being so high up!


Austin and Karen making sure the bolts are secure.


Shannon and Austin putting in some elbow grease.


Karen holding up her end of the net… that thing is heavier than it looks!


I signed to Tatu LOOK OUT THERE!


Tatu and Loulis watching the cargo net installation.


Dar keeping an eye on the progress.




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