Tatu asked me if she could have a COOKIE. I told her NO TIME EAT SOON as it was almost time for dinner. She asked MILK? I replied SORRY CAN’T NOW. She asked SWEET? I replied SORRY, YOU WANT DRAW? Tatu countered with PAINT? and then ended the sign with a quick COOKIE. The signs for PAINT and COOKIE and very similar and it is easy to transition into one from the other. Fortunately I noticed her subtle COOKIE so I did not accidentally agree to something I did not intend to. I decided to bring out construction paper and crayons so we could draw together until it was time for dinner. Tatu took a black sheet of paper and a green jumbo crayon and drew for seconds before proceeding to take a bite out of the crayon. I signed NOT FOOD NOT FOOD! but Tatu continued to chew on the crayon. I again signed NOT FOOD! NO SWALLOW! Tatu looked at me and calmly signed GUM before taking another bite of the crayon. She continued to chew the crayon while making loud smacking noises.When it was clear that she was no longer interested in drawing I asked for her paper. She passed it to me under the fencing. I signed WHAT NAME THAT? Tatu signed GUM.

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  1. J'aime says:

    The images aren’t showing up for me.

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