The Thrill of the Hunt

Written by: Bonnie Hendrickson

Some days you just need a break from the routine, so when I told Tatu there would be a SURPRISE today she got very excited. The routine for breakfast on days we serve fruit smoothies is to get an additional piece of fruit as part of the meal, but today was different.  Instead, Tatu, Dar and Loulis watched and advised (Tatu requested apples) as we filled brown paper bags with little green apples, a few sunflower seeds and raisins. 

 (Below Dar takes his paper bag from the East room to the West room.)

DSCF1469.JPGThe bags were then rolled up and taken into the East room with the day’s enrichment items.  Shannon, Julie and Meg did a great job hiding the bags. They were in and under things, up high and down low, wrapped up and tucked inside…it took Tatu, Dar and Loulis 25 minutes of intense hunting to find them all. Towards the end, when it seemed nothing was left, Tatu found one inside a tire – she jumped and grabbed it very excitedly. Those unexpected treasures add a little spice to life, don’t they? 

  (Here Tatu and Loulis are foraging in the East room.)

DSCF1505.JPGIt’s great to provide them an opportunity that is active, both physically and mentally. And it is even more special if it gives them a thrill in the process.

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