Sharing is Caring

I was serving dinner to Dar, Loulis and Tatu still had not quite made up their mind if they wanted to eat. I served Dar crackers and when he was finished I brought out the main course, white rice. White rice may sound a bit boring to us, but the chimpanzees absolutely love it, especially Loulis. Upon hearing Dar’s very loud food grunts, Loulis approached the door separating them. Loulis bronx cheered (making raspberry noises) towards Dar and signed THAT HURRY pointing towards Dar and his bowl of rice. Dar approached the door and open mouth kissed Loulis’s extended fingers in a greeting. Loulis continued to bronx cheer and sign THAT HURRY towards the bowl of rice. Dar pressed the bowl against the fencing and Loulis scooped out a handful of rice, shoved it in his mouth, and ran away.

Dar and Tatu groom Loulis.
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