Happy Anniversary to Gloria and Arnold

Written by Shannon Wallin

Tammy Sapach sponsored a chimpanzee party for her parents, Gloria and Arnold, in honor of their 42nd wedding anniversary. Forty two years! What a great success! What could we possibly do to honor that? Well, we threw a fabulous chimpanzee party complete with excited food squeaks.  

Gloria and Arnold live near Churchhill, Manitoba, own a trucking company and enjoy gardening. So for the party enrichment we included some Polar Bear stuffed animals, some toy cars, and plastic gardening supplies. Tammy’s family was interested in making sure the chimpanzees enjoyed something that they loved on their party day too so I went grocery shopping. I got grapes, leeks, sweet onions, organic bananas, and juice with soda water to make a healthy soda pop. 

The chimpanzees watched us set the party up and were so excited!  When they ventured out the rooms were filled with food squeaks. Tatu, Loulis, and Dar enjoyed everything, but they all particularly loved the “soda pop”.  

Thank you, Tammy, for thinking of the chimpanzees and congratulations to Gloria and Arnold on 42 years!!

(Tatu enjoying the healthy soda from a comfortable perch.)
DSCF1886.JPG(Loulis foraging for treats.)
DSCF1915.JPG(Dar and Loulis enjoying the healthy soda.)
DSCF1838.JPG(Loulis in the West room with more soda.)DSCF1849.JPG

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