Puzzle Feeders

Written by: Austin Leeds

(Tatu tries out a puzzle feeder.)

Picture 028.jpgBack in May of this year Karen Leeds (my mom) donated money for a chimpanzee party and to buy new enrichment items. With this money we bought the chimpanzees two puzzle feeders. Puzzle feeders are great enrichment because they provide the chimpanzees a challenging way to get treats, stimulating both their minds and appetite.

It took us a while to get the puzzle feeders but they finally arrived! We set them up in the East playroom after lunch and filled them with sunflower seeds and peanuts. One was suspended from a rung on the wall while the other was suspended by rope between two platform posts. When the chimpanzee went back into the East playroom after lunch Tatu went right for the one suspended by the rung, Dar headed for the one on the platform and Loulis watched Tatu in earnest.

(Loulis watches as Tatu successfully navigates the puzzle feeder.)

Picture 043.jpgAfter a few minutes Tatu gave up on her puzzle and went to check out the one Dar was working on. Loulis then gave the one on the rung a shot, but after a couple failed attempts he ripped it off in frustration. By now Tatu had displaced Dar from his feeder, so Dar went over to the torn down feeder, picked it up and carried it off into the West Room.

(Dar carrying his puzzle feeder off to the security of the West Room.)

Picture 036.jpgAll in all the feeders were a great success and provided the chimpanzees with a great enrichment opportunity. Thanks Mom!

(Dar enjoying a puzzle feeder all to himself!)

Picture 041.jpg

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