Summer Games

I was working at CHCI on Sunday during the 93 degree weather. After a berm shift in the nasty heat I went inside to appreciate the air conditioning and to see what everyone was doing. Dar appeared to be napping, he got up and came over to say hi but then went right back to his spot on the wooden platform. Loulis came over and signed CHASE CHASE, and we played chase for a while until we were too hot. I signed to Loulis to play something different and he passed me a rubber hose to play tug of war. Even though he is many times stronger than I will ever be, he let me win almost every time. After a couple games Tatu came over and watched us play tug of war while relaxing on a tire.

Loulis and Jeff play tug of war with a garden hose…

Tatu and Jeff play SMELL (to find out more about this game visit SMELL Stories)…


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