Friends of Washoe Member Wins Calendar Drawing!

Calender Months_Page_01.jpgCongratulations to Kelly Collier, a Friends of Washoe member since 2006, who won a free color calendar today!! During the month of July Kelly emailed to switch the format of her Friends of Washoe quarterly newsletter from print to electronic. Now, in addition to receiving the calendar, Kelly can download a full color version of the Friends of Washoe newsletter to her computer. Our 2012 color calendars are available for sale now!! To buy them online visit the Chimporium here.

5chimp01.gifWhat is Friends of Washoe? So glad you asked! Friends of Washoe is the non-profit organization of the Chimpanzee & Human Communication Institute dedicated to the welfare of chimpanzees in general and this family of signing chimpanzees in particular. To learn more about Friends of Washoe and how to become a member please visit us online here.

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