Coffee Bubbles


I was in the middle of my
Sunday morning shift when Tatu requested something that was on the table behind
me. She signed RED, THAT. I glanced behind me and saw a red bottle of bubbles.
The day before we had played with bubbles so I was pretty sure that was what
she wanted to do. I gave her a plate full of the soap and handed her a couple
of bubble wands. Tatu began blowing bubbles and I set out to make a pot of
decaf coffee as a morning treat. 

I mixed the coffee with
creamer and poured it into individual plastic bottles so the chimpanzees could
drink from their own bottles at their leisure. After giving Tatu her bottle of
coffee she opened it and tried to dip her bubble wand into the container, but
it would not fit. She then proceeded to pour her coffee into the plate of soap
and attempted to continue blowing her bubbles. Unfortunately, coffee mixed with
soap does not really make a very good bubble, but I think it is a very good
idea nevertheless.

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