A Sincere Thank You!


The chimpanzees received a generous donation of fruit from guests attending a Chimposium this past Sunday. The fruit looked so wonderful I decided to put some out as a dinner forage. A kind gesture like this is not only appreciated by the chimpanzees but it also serves to hearten their caregivers. As chimpanzee caregivers we work hard to ensure the chimpanzees’ lives are as fulfilling. I am, as I know the chimpanzees are, sincerely grateful for this generous gift. Here are a few pictures of the chimpanzees enjoying the fruit before their main course, almond butter sandwiches.

Tatu kiss Dar.JPGWhen I brought out the fruit the chimpanzee immediately began food grunting, a sign of excitement. This picture shows Dar with an open mouth and reaching out toward Tatu for reassurance. Tatu took Dar’s hand and gave him a kiss.

Waiting for forage.JPGAll three chimpanzees rushed into the night enclosure area for dinner! Here they are waiting for me to open the door and not looking too patient as I take pictures. 

DSCF0445.JPGDar was the first in and immediately gathered all of the peaches for himself.

DAR peaches plum.JPGDar making his way into the other room to look for more peaches!

Loulis watermelon.JPGLoulis was right behind him with a mouth full of watermelon!

Tatu grapes.JPGTatu stayed behind and emptied all of the grapes out of the cups that were scattered throughout the room. 

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