Garden Party

The weather in Ellensburg has been beautiful and we have been working hard preparing the garden for the chimpanzees. We had a “garden party” on the weekend to weed and to plant seedlings. Interns Anna Wallace and Kaeley Sullins put their green thumbs to good use! We planted tomatoes, edamame, garlic, green beans, salad greens, basil, edible flowers, stevia, lemon cucumbers, beets, cabbage, broccoli, leeks, and cinderella pumpkins. The chimpanzees like to monitor this process closely.


Before the sprinklers were turned on we had to bring up watering cans to keep the soil moist. Dar was the first to request a sip from the watering can, signing GIMMIE DRINK to Anna.
Anna and Dar

Anna and Tatu

Kaeley gives Tatu a drink from the watering can as Dar waits for another turn.
Kaeley and Dar
Kaeley and Loulis
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