Austin’s Birthday Party

At CHCI we try and celebrate as much as possible to provide the chimpanzees with new and varying enrichment. This allows the opportunity for the public to sponsor parties and keeps things fresh and interesting for the chimpanzees. Well, today Karen Leeds (aka my mom, and in my opinion, the greatest mom in the world) sponsored a party for the chimpanzees in honor of my birthday. My mom bought inflatable palm trees, sombreros (in honor of my love of Mexican food), new masks and lipstick for the chimpanzees. She also donated money which will be used to purchase new industrial food puzzles for the chimpanzees. The staff at CHCI decorated the West room with the new enrichment items, plus tons of magazines, clothes, sheets, streamers, and other enrichment items. The chimpanzees also got a Lilac, blackberry, and Triscut forage. All of the chimpanzees were extremely excited and food grunted really loudly. Overall, today was a great birthday because the chimpanzees got to have a great party and a very enriching day.

Here is the decorated West Playroom:DSCF0048.JPGThe forage items(Lilac blossoms, Triscuit crackers, and blackberries):DSCF0038.JPGDar enjoying a mouth full of crackers in the East Playroom:DSCF0079.JPGLoulis playing Tug of War with a friend through the human cage area:Loulis TUG.JPGTatu using one of the palm trees as a nest during an afternoon nap:DSCF0098.JPG

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