More Food Puzzles

The intent of creating food puzzles for the chimpanzees is to provide them with new and different enrichment items as well as simulate some of the foraging challenges that a chimpanzee might encounter in free-living situations. This engages the chimpanzees’ minds by presenting a problem in need of a creative solution. We continue to encourage the student volunteers to come up with new food puzzles and this quarter Rebecca J. brought some interesting new objects back from Spring Break to use. We had lots of fun preparing them and the chimpanzees seemed to appreciate them too!

Here Rebecca prepares one of the foraging containers with raisins and peanuts.
DSCF9602 edited.JPGHere Amanda models one of the other containers filled with figs.DSCF9603 edited.JPGHere is Tatu (in the foreground) holding the container filled with nuts. Loulis (in the background) is looking for a human caregiver to play chase with.DSCF9610 edited.JPGNew enrichment objects are always a treat for human and non-human primates alike. Interested in contributing enrichment items? Here is a link to the list of some of the objects we use regularly at CHCI – Enrichment Donations List. If you’d like to send something from this list or something from your own imagination to the chimpanzees, we welcome your donations and ideas! Our mailing address appears at the bottom of the list or you can contact us with your suggestions. You can also check out our Amazon Wish List to order online!

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