Thank You – David Bohnett Foundation

Enriching the lives of captive chimpanzees in sanctuary is a full-time job and somebody’s got to do it! Luckily for Washoe’s family there is no shortage of loving help. From the staff, volunteers, and Chimposium guests to the fans on Facebook, Friends of Washoe members, and charitable sponsors the lives of these chimpanzees continue to be improved by your thoughtfulness.

Friends of Washoe has recently been granted $30,000 – the first half of a two year grant from The David Bohnett Foundation. This generous grant will help fund The David Bohnett caregiver/cognitive enrichment position. This staff member is essential to the daily care and enrichment of the chimpanzees.

We want to send out a big Pant Hoot to the Foundation for their continuing help ensuring the on-going care of Tatu, Loulis and Dar. Thank you for helping to provide support for Washoe’s chimpanzee family and human caregivers!

DSCF9543.JPGHere Loulis interacts with caregiver,  Lisa Lyons, in the observation area for the East Playroom.
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