Happy Birthday to me!

This is how I like to celebrate my birthday.
DSCF9259.JPGThe party was jungle themed…
DSCF9262.JPGDar discovered some pickle juice hidden in a tire…
DSCF9265.JPGTatu found some leeks…
DSCF9272.JPG…but the triscuit crackers were more to her liking.
DSCF9281.JPGDar brought his pickle juice and pop rocks into the other room to enjoy…
DSCF9293.JPGDar and Loulis searching for more party snacks…
DSCF9308.JPGTatu found a pickle hidden in a pool noodle…
DSCF9302.JPGFor more information about how to sponsor a party for the chimpanzees visit The Chimporium, the online store for the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute and Friends of Washoe. All of the profits from this on-line store go directly to Friends of
Washoe for the continued care and well-being of Tatu, Dar, Loulis, and
chimpanzees throughout the world.
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