During the evening on one of my “office” days I happened to be in the kitchen when one of the cleaners needed assistance. I offered to help and as I entered into the night-time area where the chimpanzees were preparing for bed Tatu greeted me by asking for a BRUSH. I replied CAN’T NOW SORRY. Tatu then asked, more specifically this time, GROOM? I repeated SORRY CAN’T and elaborated further with TIME WORK NOW. Tatu did not reply to this statement so I started towards the playroom; as I turned away a quick movement caught my eye. I looked back to see Tatu signing FLOWER still looking in my direction. I was momentarily confused but then I noticed the bottom of my dress. I laughed and agreed YES FLOWER THERE. Tatu replied BLACK. Again, I agreed YOU RIGHT BLACK FLOWER THERE.

DSCF8565.JPG(Tatu signing BLACK in the West Playroom)

DSCF9257.JPG(My dress)
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