Toothbrush Chase

(Written by Missie C.)
I had just finished serving a toothbrush to Loulis
in the West Room. Loulis filled his mouth with water from the fountain
and signed CHASE toward me. He then quadrupedally walked over to the
Human Cage next to where I was sitting and continued to brush his teeth.
I didn’t have a toothbrush myself (sometimes we brush our teeth with
the chimpanzees!), but I sat next to him and made “Chsh chsh chsh”
noises and shook my head back and forth like Loulis was doing. Loulis
laughed a bit with a huge play-face, and some toothpastey spit fell out
of his mouth. I laughed back and Loulis signed CHASE again and ran off,
tripedally, still brushing his teeth.


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