Mock Mardi Gras

(Written by Madeleine L.)
This year I threw a Mardi Gras party for the chimpanzees. (Though it was a week early as I will be in New Orleans on the real Mardi Gras day!) The day started off with a “bloody mary” forage made with tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce.

DSCF9032.JPGAll three searched for drinks, putting the celery aside to save for later. Then they explored the wild party enrichment which included all things purple, green and gold, crazy costumes and tons of beads. Tatu and Dar seemed to enjoy the beads.

DSCF9063.JPG Dar put a strand of beads around his neck and played a game of chase with Loulis all around the East and West playrooms.

DSCF9076.JPGTatu put a bead around her neck and picked up a giant laminate full of pictures of food and brought it into the West playroom to look at. She pointed to many different foods and signed about them to herself.

In the afternoon, Tatu offered to share some of her beads with caregiver, Austin.

DSCF9110.JPGLater in the day we tried our hands at creating a chimpanzee approved version of Gumbo (less spicy) complete with andouille sausage and okra.

DSCF9115.JPG For dessert there was king cake, a sweet sugary breaded cake. Dar was the only one who came in for dinner and he focused mainly on the white rice served with the gumbo as that is one of his favorite foods.

DSCF9122.JPGBut he definitely enjoyed the king cake for dessert!


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