Tatu’s Birthday Bash

This year’s Christmas party was epic and, as a result, delayed Tatu’s birthday celebration a few days to allow for some recovery time. However, thanks to the generous sponsorship of long-time friend, Sherri Armet, Tatu’s party appears to have pleased regardless of the late start!

The East playroom was decorated all in black for Tatu’s special day. Party treats were themed on Tatu’s favorites as well
and included nuts, cheese, milk and fresh fruit. Overall a much
more low-key affair than Christmas but it seems to have been just the

In the picture below Loulis sits on the floor to the left facing the camera, Dar sits in the foreground facing away from the camera and Tatu is hidden in the streamers sitting at the base of the Shaky Tree:


Here Loulis rests beside the new colorful addition to enrichment: DSCF8366.JPGDar enjoyed the milk (notice the empty cups to the left?):DSCF8202.JPG Tatu snacking on black licorice:DSCF8270.JPG
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